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Refreshed Web Site

Welcome to the new, and improved, GoHoosiers and Hail2Pitt web sites!  What once was a vast wasteland of digital space has now been filled with exciting content, with rich photographs and current information.  How long it will stay that way is anybody's guess of course...

The Cohen's have had a web presence since the mid 90's.  First a GeoCities account - I was in the Colosseum (sports) but can't remember my number for the life of me.  We also had a site at www.gti.net/cohenc for a period of time.  We finally broke free of the constantly changing e-mail addresses with the purchase of GoHoosiers.org in July of 1999 at which time www.GoHoosiers.org went live and our e-mail became permanent and disassociated from our ISP.

We were actually on the forefront of "blogging" keeping, well, a historic and chronological "web log" on that page for some time.  Usually 1-line entries, much in the form of present-day Twitter.

Both my GoDaddy and Archive.org only show Hail2Pitt.org going back to mid 2006, but that must be a domain transfer point.  I was blogging on that domain in January of 2005, so it goes back to at least then.

Over the years, the use of the domains has changed.  Hail2Pitt has almost exclusively been a blog I maintained - pretty actively between Jan '05 and its' retirement in Dec '10.  6 years of blogging was enough, I took my thoughts to the easier-to-be-brief Twitter at that point.  Facebook helps in that friends already know what's going on in your life, see your photos and know your thoughts.  Blogging became just another media that needed to be maintained, thus it was abandoned.

The GoHoosiers domain also used to be a family forum - we posted info on injuries and surgeries, had new baby photos and once even hosted Atticam, a webcam pointed at Josh's crib.  Yep, we were early adopters!  We used the space as a repository for articles about the murder of friend and pastor Sam Brunsvold and a few years later, as an educational vehicle on Myelodysplasia, the disease which took the life of my father in 2002.  In general however, GoHoosiers has been abandoned for many years.  Weeds had grown up over the content and occasionally, squatters tried to take over.

Although Facebook and Twitter are great for dispensing general information, in recent months, we have had the desire to post lengthier and more meaningful information about us or our hobbies someplace where others could find and dig deeper into the documents.  Yeah, it's probably going to mostly be about Josh's swimming, but also some of my photography.  Those sections are going to be the main ones which are continually updated, that's for sure.

As of today, both Hail2Pitt.org and GoHoosiers.org are merged.  Hitting either web address gets you this very same site.  The old "Hail 2 Pitt" blog is still here under the main menu, but otherwise, both sites are identical.  Should I find the time, one day I will set the main logo to the site to be dependent on which domain you came to it through.  That will be fun - and relatively easy - just not a priority today.

The other sections, from the past, are going to be revived, refreshed and put on this new incarnation of the web site, however unless interest is shown, they will likely remain relatively static.  Just pointin' that out in advance.

Some of the information you may find behind a password prompt.  This way we can post some more sensitive information on the web site, and provide access to close friends and family.  If you are one of those "friends and family" and desire access to a restricted area, do not hesitate to ask for a username and password.  It's not "personal" in any sense other than it's not necessarily "public" information.  We'll probably give it to you - provided we know you of course!

In any case enjoy the new site, poke around, and let me know if you want something added or see something amiss.  Thanks for stopping by!

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  •   MyelodysplasiaMy father, Ed Cohen, passed away in 2002 from MDS. These pages detail some of what I learned in that time and provide some valuable links for those suffering and supporting MDS.

  • Spiritual Life Our faith has brought us thus far. Certainly not without scrapes, scuff, breaks and even time spent in the ICU. But we know for sure, without our faith, we would neither be where we are nor have the outlook we do. Read for more details.

  • Sam Brunsvold Sam Brunsvold In 1997, the campus pastor, under which Caleb & Lucinda met, was shot and killed. Following the arrest of a suspect in 2000, the following documents followed the trial and the eventual conviction of the man who took his life. Our son Sam, is named in Salvatore "Sam"

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